Tuesday, March 18, 2008

;// *chews on MONSTER!

HEY MONSTER! are you reading this? i sure hope you are! but of cos..
wont one larh! sucker like you! i dont even think you go online! JERK!!
argh!!!! because of the ugly school! i had to quit art. hmph! fine! if i dont take art. than so be it!
i DONT care anymore! the stupid face of yours is EXTRA HORROR looking!!
think you're so handsome. *WTF?! want to flirt with students better you go sleep at the street larh! ... -__-'' SO called ART TEACHER! puihhh!

just because you're the only art teacher in school doesn't mean you're all that!!
RAWR!! and that Pn.Pang arhhh! WTFFFF?! of cos the teacher wont say..
"ohh.. i told the students i wont marked their art exams if they dont follow my RM50 tution class. " WTFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!! who oso wont believe de larh.... aish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i give up mannnnnnnn! no point requesting to take ART for SPM with these kind of stupid problems! %&^%^(*&*&(*&


haiiizzzz........ i quited arts. hmph. i'll enjoy at my own way!


so enough about that. i also had fun at drama practice. :D
lol. <33 yellow + 80% white makes Durian ice cream. LOL.
and Chocolate+ Yellow = CHOCOLATE! LOL. HAHAHAHA. and the canteen aunty gave us FREE drinks. :D weee lovee you! uahahaha.
so yea. mommy came home! i missed her!!! actually missed her nagging. :P
and she brought back alot of those things they give during conventions? LOL.
i got a new muggy! :D

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