Tuesday, April 1, 2008

;// I got PRANKED!

april the 1st. i almost forgot it was APRIL FOOL. yea.. almost. until LeeWei reminded me yesterday..
so hows SJ-C coming in? -_-'' heard they debut on 1st April? are they trying to PRANK US? :D
so anyway.. -_-''

it's the time again where you'll hear..
"you left your bag~"

or just something like that. lol. :X
yea. Fiona did the usual ones. so did Ann!
but what i wasnt expecting was the largest prank for the DAY!
THEY all PRANK on me! i actually though i really got a Detention?! is that how you spell it?!
and yea.. i ran up and down trying to catch Grazele.. who was running in circles.. LOL.
i was gonna slam the door in the teacher's lounge and ask " WHY THE HECK DID I GET THIS THING!? (*^%*&%^ " on monster's table! HAHA.

but i didnt. Fion keep calling me to go find Grazele 1st.
so yea. i went up and. they said it was all a prank! RAWR! * chews on gwen.wei.fion.fiona.grazele. even MEL?

*now i know how EunHyuk feels everytime he got pranked!

they actually found those old detention letters lying around the recycle bins.. wth? weirdos! :P
and gwen told me there was more at her house. zzzzz!
even the expel letter!!! RAWR!
*teachers should really BUY A SREADER you know! seriously

so yea. :X i was laughing and crying at the same time...
*you know.. Leewei, i should be angry at you! HAHAHA. but since... -_-'' i actually had a fun time laughing at myself.. so yea. LOLOLOL. thats not a good reason. but oh welll.. :D its a memory to remember!
Gwen the dork was trying hard to tell me there's a hidden camera around too!
*YEA! im not going for that again!

CorCor. :)) Get WELL SOON! AND I MEANT REALLY REALLY SOON! :(( *as in tomorrow? :)
because the whole Drama team miss you and me of cos! HAHAHA! and! and! ...! its not fair! i wanna go and play on the bed button thingy! and you should see what we made! :DD

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