Friday, May 16, 2008

;// Cause I can't stop.. falling.. falling in love.

tadaaa! i shall be back for this one. :)
ohhh! im amazed! i lasted 3 days not touching the PC.
and i survive! HAHA. stupid me. of cos i survived. :) sooo....

since its been so long i didnt wrote anything. actually 3 days for me is LONG. :X
i shall sumarize the week again. :) well. the 3 days, HAHA.


i've been a good girl studying. :X yeaa! rightttt... like anyone is going to believe that! HAHA.
i tried. :X but nahhh.. only for yesterday. it was physics marathon. nothing came out as usual.
it's always...


so i've been watching this HK drama for a week now! :)
continuing tonight! HAHA. its almost the last episode! my aunty borrow me the DVD.
'the seventh day'

okayy.. so a physics marathon for yesterday.
we had a BM marathon too! leewei wanted to improve her BM. so yea..
we talked BM until we reach home! HAHA. :) other than that,
my oral is DONE! weee! BM one to go. :(
i kinda went frm sister to kidneys to my dad's stone. :D
but hey! its teacher sisca! anything can happen. HAHHHAHA

as for kokum. i had a great time. okayy! NOT because of the ball thing okayy! if you're wondering.. but it's also one of it. BUUUTTTTT anyway!

i had fun playing chase and taggg with the bola balings people. :)
and of cos the basketball people! :)) im such a LOSER shooter. hmph!
everyone got to the second. third. fourth round.
while i stuck in the 1st one till the end! i don't care!
next week im getting the ball until i go to the most back like chyna! :P
chyna is very good in shooting. :) so is teacher too! HAHAHA. its true!
during nini they were going to the 2nd. 3rd. 4th rounds. i stared at teacher. *im not stalking.*
he made a lot of goals. like chyna! :D do people call those goals? o__o
im going to skip the ending part. rawr! because it has nothing to detail about.
it's just something lee wei could tease me more.

while on Tuesday. ADDMATHS is SOOOOO GONNA GET SOMETHING less than 5%
so is MORAAL! rawr! i wont blame my cousin for getting a 0% in moral anymore! lol.

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