Monday, May 12, 2008

;// Hey Gorgeous! :D

omg! :D i sure have some great things to spam here!
i know i should be atleast sleeping. or studying! but! who cares!
this is super awesome news which i'm super happy about! :))

SFC won 2nd place! XD

yesh! you got that! :)
2nd! 2nd! not 3rd! but 2nd!!
see! we aren't that bad mahh.. everyone was losing their hopes in getting a placing! whaaaattt.. i think we did great! :D better than everyone! well, except for la salle.
they were greater. HAHA. yea.. the doggie thingy was really amazing! HAHA. :)

btw. 2E! you suck! hmph! say we suck huh?
who's the SUCKER NOW?! suckerrrr!! bleahx!

uahhahahaha! im SOOOOOO happy! XD our 2 months of hardworks! :)
ohhhh! and tree no.1 and tree no.2 got alot of cheering and claps when they we entering. LOL
im so proud. :)

im gonna miss the drama team. T__T really.. i've gotten close with deb deb. marie. charmaine.
and pretty much everyone in the team.. and tomorrow onwards.. we're going back to usual life.
gooshh.. i think im gonna miss staying back. and uncle's free drinks! :D

Sadly.. every good news has its bad news too..
exam's TOMORROW! wth! i didn't study for ADD MATHS!! and MORAL!
i cant believe im saying this! BUT MORAL?! why issit so HARD!! sheeeesshh!
jaygay! last last larh. i teman you be last in class. XD

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