Monday, May 5, 2008

;// EPIK HIGH - One

wth. ryu. i'll hunt you down tomorrow sia.. :X
he teaches 3E larh. lawlssssssss!


uahahaha! physic chapter 1 finally went in to my tiny brain!
i shall force chapter 2 in tomorrow! :) and of cos some BM. -_-''
so nothing. much to write today.. lawls!

just two declaration..
it's not the biology teacher. but still i pity him too! you people wont stop tease him..
poor mannn. :( too bad he's not cute! HAHAHA. *that sounded SO wrong!!

gooshh! tablo is hot. HAHAHA. :D really. :)
and the song is stuck in my mind!
time is ticking.. time time is ticking. "YEA. its ticking!"

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