Friday, June 13, 2008

;// One FullMoon.

awww.. i finally finished reading my FullMoon Wo Sagashite Manga! :)
its sooo touching. and sad and nice at the same time. wahhh! i love it very much.
Izumi pwns all the Shinigami SMEX! nyahahahahhaa!

uhhh.. finally friday lorh.. havent been updating lately.. miss me?
HAHA. and i think im failing alot for my mid-terms.. no i dont feel i belong in that class..
i wrote all new formula. :D im a special new chemist lorh! have to believe. i just invented alot of new formula.
NYAHAHAHA. within 50mins? while Wei and the others wrote messages to teacher. lol. got bear crying oso.
and she pass it up. well, if i knew i would have done it too. lol.

so yea. can see the summary. the exams suckss! and it just made things worse with all the crapping. :)
but weird thing is. nobody seems to be sad. o___o neither do i. i think must be something wrong in the brains.
but what happens oso. the report card is going to be very preetty with the red pens. :X
*sits in corner. *aura* i wanna have manga marathon! and err.. o_o DRAW! lols.
my inspiration in drawing is fully back. :X

so. what to do now? IU day is coming. :)
hahaha. and one thing! i learn how to do colouring! finally!
*runs to ready some sketches of gundam for art exam. i think im drawing gundams! WOOTS

:) soon? nyahah. i lazy.

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