Saturday, August 23, 2008

;// Classical music inspires me.

okayy.. its 11.51. should be sleeping.
but i cant. but i don't know how to type this too..
hmmm... maybe i'll ediit again tomorrow! HAHAHHA

finally here to edit. ohh! pish-posh.
i got very lazy. and today my mood isn't really good. so to cheer me up. i'll think back the wondeful cats i saw! muahahahah! *animals makes me happy*

time for the awesome cat show!

the 1st Borneo cat club organized a very 1st international standard cat show in sabah.
it's really amazing. HAHA. i see those cat are all giant sized.
o___o bigger than my neighbours cat, jaguar. he's obese. hahahahaha.
and they are alll super furry and CUTEEEEE!!! nyahahaha!

i even saw 2 heebum's cousins! lols. :) the British blue.
there's alot of other kinds too! like the white maine coon! :DD
and the tabby white persian. there's alot of persian and Brown Classic Tabby Maine Coon.

if you want to know how they look like go google them. lols.
i didnt took any picture there because it will scare the cats. :X well, actually there was too many people taking pictures. and i couldnt squeeze in to take a shot. ahah. and i was too busy being biased over all the pretttyy cats!

and the main event of the day, UK NorthFolk Symphonic Band.
I'M AMAZED! DAZZLED! oh! what can i say. i can never play music like them! :X
mommy got the VIP seatings which cost RM200. but she got it for free because her colleagues wasn't interested in those kind of stuffs. so, we tagged along! :B
yup! VIP seats means. the very very very front view. LOL. 2nd row to be exact.

*be jealous jaygay. i know you are. hahaha.
but you get to go on stage when you play with your band.
that means you VVVIP lehhh. :) so you cannot complain. XP

and yea. the whole concert was super amazing as they play the very smoothing yet exciting songs. :) Lion King was one of it! and so is Pirates of the Carribean! hahaha.
the conductor, Mr. Mike Booty is very sporting. ^___^ teeehee!
what had me amaze was the band members are from ages 8-23.
8 years old can play like a pro. T____T
i want to learn to play the flute. lols. sounds so nice! :)

okayy.. i finished ediiitting. LOLOL.
over and out-------

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