Sunday, August 24, 2008

;// One World. One Dream.

16 days. ended. it seems like it was only ysterday i watched the opening ceremony..
wait.. i did watched the repeat this morning! HAHAHA. those fireworks and peformances is really amazing even for the 3rd time watching. :X yeah.. i watch alot of repeats.
and now Beijing olympics has ended. London next. 2012. issit going to be on the dec? xD

not only the olympics. my 1 week of holidays has ended too.
have closing ceremony for it. XD special. lols.

even for the closing ceremony...
China is amazing! :) pretttyyy fireworks!
the olympic rings! fireworks version! chio awesome! xDDD
with the colours again. uhahahhaha!

beijing wo ai ni. xD
* wonders if jiee have some pictures. *

i love the You and Me song! sarahhhh. :D
ohh. and mommy was so into the beijing welcomes you song. she kept singing it. xD
and very excited see-ing the MV on tv too! saraahhhhh.

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