Friday, September 26, 2008

;// feast of st.francis

today, all the form 4`s got a rest day from the evil exams.
because its our school's annual st.Francis day! :B
the time where every Christians go to church and attend mass.
lols. and the others have talks and activities in school.

well, after we came back from church we watched
hahaha! those three chipmunks darn cute mannnn! hahaha.
yea, im still in school. in the main hall. watching movie. with everyone in school.

and every year. we get present. ^___^
it's something like a souvenir of the day.
the pass 3 years, i got some pretty cute ones!
but i can't recall the one in form 1.

form 1. i think it was a sardine bun. I REMEMBER SARDINE BUN!
form 2. tree branch- looking pencil. which is very cute and writes!!
form 3. a wooden keychain thingy with your own design. & mini towels wrapped up nicely

and for form 4!

notebook & a personal made pen!
:) i like it very much! haha. but there's a problem....

i dont know what to fill it with.
i think i collect notebooks too much. i have alot of nice empty ones
that i didnt have the heart to write anything on them. HAHAHA. :B

and look what teacher Edna gave us!
okay, its the gold box at the side, but i dont think its that clear.
its a box of chocolate! everyone in 4st got one! :3 we love you teacher. haha

its her last day trainee in our school. together with teacher Ayu, Leah, and Akma. well, i didnt get a chance to know teacher Akma though. :3 but according to the literature people. she's nice just like all of them! ^__^

im going to miss them alot. T____T

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