Thursday, September 25, 2008

;// G9`s ahead. sadded.

today is the physic and addmaths paper. and the last two for the week.
i'm suppose to be happy. or relaxed by now. wait! what am i thinking!
well, if you ask me how was the exam. i dont really know how to answer you. dots.


i think im gettting the emo-ness.
because i need a whole happy thing to cheer me up everytime the grades come by.
and now. i havent even finished the exam. and im already emo-ing. darn.

o1.physic was hard and brain twisting as usual.
o2.add maths was.. how you put this. FREAKING HARD!

i finally understanded all the log log`ss and it did came out.
but guess what. i cant answer them. =____= how sad can that be!

and to keep my hand away from pens and pencil today.
i am glued to the laptop the whole day.
because my finger grew a painful lump. lol. and i cant write as fast anymore because of it. f5
yea... i think i'll go back studying tomorrow.


demi lovato's This is Me is stuck in my head all because of..
leewei sang it this morning. -__-;; and...
we played the song over and over when we reached my house.
but i like that song. i like camp rock's song. well, most of them. :3
got each character's own problem in the lyrics. meant for them to sing. hahaha.

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