Wednesday, October 8, 2008

;// let's take a break.

im still having my final exams here.
but i decided to blog instead of sleeping. well,
maybe because im really sleepy.
and yet, i feel like blogging. so after this. i'll have a nap. nyahaha!

i've notice that, this year passed by really really fast!
just look at my last post. it was last week. and now its already october.
and soon november. and december. and 2009. o__o
darn. i dont want the year to end that fast!


so, i have 7 more days till my exams end.
yesterday was add maths and biology.
mannnnnn! add math was hard like CRAZY!
i cannot answer a single question there.
let me repeat! NOT A SINGLE QUESTION!
and i'm ready to get my G9 for add maths. :X
sad case. but what to do. i cant understand that subject.

*jaygay is gonna burst. xD
I LOVEE BIOLOGY. hahaha. maybe because i was ready for it.
i think biology is kinda easy once you understands the whole story to it.
we had chemistry today. :X okay it was hard.
but not as hard as add maths.
and after that sivik. -___- why larhh everyone do so fast.
everyone finished their paper with 30mins left to slack & draw on tables?.
heck! and i have like 4 ugly common sense questions to answer and it took me like 5mins for one. -__-'' its those what will you do question.

so yea. nothing much happened for the week.
just slacking and sticking my head to the books reading them for hours.
and its not even storybooks! or comics!

so, i shall be back during the weekends maybe. :P

now. i shall take a nap. or i'll really collapse one day due to lack of sleep.
6 hours a day is not enough for me. :X

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