Tuesday, September 23, 2008

;// second day.

okay. i know i should be stressing myself with BM. novel. :X
..and add maths. or physics now. but hey! it's just tooo boring. but i'll go back to it after this.
oh guess what! i got nose bleed right before exam! HAHA.
it's a good thing my paper doesn't have any red splat on it.
or teacher will be freaking out. lols.
yea. i stuck a rolled up tissue in my nose..

second day of torture.
so, just when i expected today was english essay. it's NOT!
darn! i didnt read anything about literature. oh-owh~
so i just answer what i could.
i cant believe im saying this...
but i have no confidence for an A in english now. T__T
i suck!

and speaking of how much i suck!
maths paper was horrible. well, not really horrible larh.
but i never was good in maths anyway,
i am super slow in counting and we have 1hour15mins to finish.
i wasted pretty much alot of time on the 1st few pages! which was confusing like MAD!
that i didnt have time to count the back pages.
hur hur... the maths teacher is so gonna kill me. -____-''

paper1 down. i wonder how hard would paper 2 be huh?

and tomorrow is BM again! HA. HA.
i will keep in mind it's BUKAN ITU SAHAJA.
argh! why is BM SO HARD! T_____T i want a japanese test instead!

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