Thursday, October 30, 2008

;// happy birthday sarah! ily!

today's post is specially for my dear friend. :)
sorry for not updating lately. :X
been watching alot of dramas and anime. plus im lazy. :X so, anyways!

officially 16 years old lorh. getting old lorh! nyahaha!
i hope you happy always. healthy always! and good man always okay!
:3 enjoy your special day! teeheee!

and must take good care of the doggie i give you.
make sure it must maintain fat!
and go let the doggie marry with the pink doggie!
sure cute! LOL. :) hope you like it bahh.
ily! :3 you're a great great great friend!
* i dont get to be the 1st to wish you happy birthday.
but i shall be the last. :) special hor? hahahhaa

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