Thursday, October 23, 2008

;// pet society is ♥

ahahaha. been playing this super cuteee game lately.
sorry for the lazy updates. xD nothing much happened lately.
just got my hair cut.
and weiwei said i look like a little boy now.

so anyways! look at this super cute application in facebook!
nyahahahahaha! its a flash game! and i couldnt stop playing it.
:3 so cute! short update today.
oh well, :D back to pet society! must lvl up!! '

credits; playfish-pet society. in facebook. {screenshot}

:D isn't it cuteeee! omg! all so cute!
totally addicting. hahahahaha. my not the most addicted one though.
jaygay is obsess with the trophies. -.- dots.

stop by at jaygay's house. HAHA.
and send out alot of letters to him. f3f3
sure your pet happy! :D

the other games in playfish like word challenge, & who has the biggest brain is cute and fun too!


stay happy and healthy always.

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