Monday, October 13, 2008

;// PMR. and 2 more days!

2 more days till my final exams are all over.
woah. waited for this day to come since last last last week lehh.
well, biology paper 1 and 3 today. can say it went well, and also not good. ._. dont know. can can larh. except paper 3 1st question. .__. aiya! dont know larh!
i also don't know how explain how was the paper. lols.

tomorrow chemistry more worse. dont know what to study.
more sad case! i dont feel like studying. but still i will study..
because! because i tell you! it's imposible to read in school!!!
even if you have 1 hour of extra time. nothing will go in.
because its just too noisy. lols. so, home it is. im see-ing OT today. hmmm..

and AND AND!
i have complain sia! hahahahaa. yea! complain. .__.

what more worse than answering the hard paper,
is during the hard time answering it...
suddenly you hear "JEPUN~ KONICHIWA~ SEPANYOL~ OLEH" heck!
mushroom orhh those people. -__- BM coral speaking. distracting sia.
i nearly wrote sepanyol for a leaf experiment answer! rawr! RAWr!

so other than form4 having their brain juice sucked out.
the form3 are having there PMR. ohh boy. i wish i could answer those question again.
so yea. since its still PMR. :D i wish all the best to yannie and gang. lols.
and all the other form3 people i know everywhere taking PMR!


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