Sunday, October 19, 2008

;// Taggibbles

1st, i want to say good luck to those who is having exams tomorrow.
dont say will die because it's just the 1st day for you. f3f3.



o1.If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?
push him over the cliff and let him burn in the sun! muahahahaha!

o2.What will your dream wedding be like?
hmm.. must have sunflowers! in a sunflower field! omg! prettyyy! :3

o3.On your wedding day, what you would like to see?
sunflowers everywhere. lols. and my fat cat wear a red bowtie!
pure cute! and people with happy faces lorh. :)

o4.Are you confused as to what lies ahead of you?
i think it's more to SCARED.

o5.What's your ideal lover like?
err.. cute? funny? o_o i dont know. nice? love is blind. who knows i'll marry a nerd . genius! *cough*

o6. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?
what to do. cry~ sure got more hotter ones . :X

o7. Is there anything that has made you unhappy these days?
nothing to do makes me unhappy. because im bored. does this even count? :D

o8. How do you see yourself in 10 years time?
err.. let's see, 26. i think i just got married. :D
and finally graduated from vet school. LOL
yea. that's it i think. but if its 30 year time, im a mom with 2 hot kids. LOLOLOL.

o9. Who are currently the most important people to you?
my family. includes the organism beside me. my weird friends yea! xDD . the homosapians in 4st. all the jiee's and gor's.
and online peoplesssss like..
hmmmm. who arh? :D *jaygay* lalalala. yea bahhh! it's jaygay. :DD

10. Would you rather be rich and single or married but poor?
what kind of weird question is this? :D i'll take rich. but that doesn't mean i wont get married later. :DDDD

11. What's the first thing you do every morning?
look at the mickey mouse clock on the wall. if 6am continue sleep 5mins. :X

12. Would you give all in a relationship?
depends? but i wont die for him. f3

13. If you fall in love with 2 people simultaneously, who would you pick?
simultaneously? equation! a+b=c? :DDD
who cares pick one lorh! the most like one!
and most leng chai one wins! muahahahah!

14. What type of friends do you like?
weird and random ones. like all my weirdo friends i have. :DD
which i can suddenly play hide and seek with. and chat random stuffs with! :X jaygay want play hide and seek mah?

15. What type of friends do you dislike?
if i dislike the people. they wont be considered as my friend right? :D
so i dont dislike my friends. :DD i dislike unwanted humans. f3

16. Are you a virgin?
this is the pure sicko question ever to be in a tagg thingy question!
whats the person thinking anyway, asking this sick question. -.-

17. Have you ever lied to your parents?
:X errr. yea?

18. What did you lie about?
i finished my homework, but i really didnt? o___o? lols

19. Currently, are you having any crush on anyone?
err.. no? there's no leng chai in school. only got female homosapians.

20. Hint about him/her?
if no crush. do i still need answer this one? :BB whoever it is will sure have nice side bangs! and pretty eyes!! teeeeheee!

21.Do you think the guy/girl knows?
if the person doesn't exist yet? how? how i know? lols!

22. What phrases you usually say when something unexpected happens?
"what the heck man!"
" eh? "
" whattttt? wait! what??! repeat!!!! "

23. What annoys you the most?
lately, its yannie and boi catching tadpoles. -_-''
uh huh. tadpoles!

24. What is your current obsession?
i think is opening the laptop eventhough i know there's nothing to do.
it's not really an obssesion. ohh! wait!
big-headed stuff animals! like my BABY POOH! omg!
big head stuffs are sooo cute!!

25. Who do you short text the most these days?
2 msg for lee wei asking whether she reach nini's house yet or not. and 1 msg to nini asking issit okay to wear black to her house! :X that's all for the whole 2 months. :DD

26. Who do you miss alot now?
now? my long lost cat. spooooodie. :(

27. Which secondary school friend you miss alot?
i just saw them yesterday yesterday! dorts. typo issit? f3

28. Who do you idolise now?
lols. sure not jay chou. f3f3 i think it's wonder girls lately. :DD
and HK actors. *too much tv*

29.Best girl friend?
should be yannie. because i see her everyday.
and talk anything with her. f3f3
kembang hor yannie! lols. but of cos my weirdos are all my best girlfriends~ you know i love you people!

28. Best boy friend?
wahh.. i'm in a girl school. no boys to be friends with.
there's one though. everyday oso see him online one. jaygay. yea. you're special! :DD
*put one of those hearts* xDD

29. Biggest fear?
frogs! and yannie and boi was playing tadpoles again. -_-''
frogs and losing my love ones. .___.

30. Favorite hang out place?
what better place to be than my own house! :DD
sit the way i like, dig my nose, what oso can do. f3f3 got pillow for me if i'm sleepy again. muahaha. :DDD

31. If you were to go out with any group of friends, who will you choose?
the usual weirdos. and jie! :3 hoho is one of the weirdos too okayyyy! :)
o_o hmm.. jaygay want join us hang kai next time? :D

32. Made any new friends recently?
does Nana count? it's a few months ago. but still! lols. :DD
and yuuka and yoshiko too! i miss them. .___.

33.What kind of mood are you in most of the time?
blur and happy. silly? hahaha.

34. Do you like the person who tagged you?
yea. i love the great jaygay who taggs me. f3
because if i dont do this i'll turn pilaks worrrr~
but since i got nothing to do. i dont mind getting tagg more. lols. :DDD
so after your exam. tagg me more okay?

done! :D

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