Saturday, October 18, 2008

;// slack. enjoy. sleep.

haha. haven't been blogging lately.
because im LAZY! no. really. i have nothing to do.
but im too lazy to do anything.
that does not make any sense. but yea. .___.

so anyways. i have a feeling i'll be writing
alot of random things from today onwards.
because my final exams are finally OVER!
and so is yannie's PMR! yay! so..
i'm sense-ing alot of drama series in the future! nyahaha.
this means i'm trying hard to find something to fill in my time. :DD

speaking of which, i need to get ready for japan too! .__.
aha. need to interview wei wei. nvm.


so after the day i ended my exams, it was thursday.
i slept the whole morning.
:B heehee. and i forgot what i did in the afternoon.
i think it was hitting the punchbag bob in
neopets! nyahaha. too sien.
there was nothing interesting to watch in tv.
at night i watched on demand repeats for like dont know how many times. till i can memorize their lines already. and watched my hk drama on 9pm in wah lai toi.

sad case. i miss school. :X

and so, friday came. nini's open house! .__.
ever been to an open house in 6am in the morning? hahaha.

yea. wei wei and me came TOO early. :)
and we sat in front of nini's pc watching 1 litre of tears
for 6 hours. until i didnt realize everyone was here already. .___. hehe. no. really. i didnt until weiwei stopped at episode 6. i know linnet came. and i heard sarah's voice. but didnt saw her.
xD ahaha. sorry mann! and as for the drama. let's just say. i cried in every episode! and each episode i cried stop cried stop for err. 3-5 times. embarassing. lol.

so yea. after the 6th episode. we had to stop or my body
is going to be in pain. :X i didnt move. hahaha.
atleast thats what everyone said. .__. i did moved okay.
yea. then we ate.. i think i gain weight. hmmmmm....
and i fell asleep somewhere after eating. o__o hahaha.

and the next thing i knew. they were playing charades.
and yea. mommy came. so i went home. thank you uncle for the 'ching pau.'


as for today, we went to the SIE. :) quite interesting also!
they made the carpark into an awesome exhibition place
with aircon in 1borneo! with carpets and all. really amazing.
ahaha. * i know, i sampah lau. never see before.
i enjoyed walking around in exhibitions. and getting free testing! HAHA.
and i saw teacher wee. and mj. o__o interesting more.
ohhh! and a very cute sales boy!. :X atleast i think he's a boy! lols!! :X
and nat, i dont think he is saving money for a new hair cut! f3. lols.
because he loves his side bangs. hahaha!

and mommy got voucher for wagamama. susshiiiii!! so yea. we ate there. i love the plate colours there! .__. too bad no camera. if not i take picture of the plate we eat. they charge us according to the colours of the plate. :) me and yan arrange the colours properly and it looks like a mini rainbow! :DD puree nice!

then went to daiso see whether go nice stuffs to buy.
and guess what!
yannie picked a sissy powerpuff girl pink heart shoe lace for me. -.-
pure funny. got leopard skin type again. all the pink one she pick. and she even planned on buying my daddy a PINK tie. walao! pure funnyyyy! daddy dont even wear ties anymore! haha!
siissssyyy kid. f3

after daiso we went giant buy some stuffs and go home lorh.
and yea. came home. watched the robinsons on disney.
and now blogging for 1 hours. still haven't click the publish post button.
msn can be distracting. :DDD

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