Thursday, January 22, 2009

cheeers to sports!

i just had the best sports day in my whole entire life! well, so far. :D
although comet did LOSE. but who cares. it was awesomee! omg! im so going to draw all the inspiration i got for the day! yay!

i had the BEST sports day ever.
i might not have anymore sports day after this year. lol
all the shouting, screaming, cheering, and laughing. sure was tiring. and i cannot remember doing it anywhere else before. :X tiring but fun! :D super fun!

well, comet lose kinda not happy larh. but since we lack of golds.
aaah. i dont really mind.
there's always years to come where comet will be no.1 again. ehehehe. just that im not part of the house anymore. lols. come to think of it. i should have tried running. o_o ahahaha

lastly, i had the best time running the track with my buddies. lols.
i won. i think. or was it wei won. ahahaha.
everyone was already on their way going home.
and we still sot sot there run.
let's make the sports carnival as awesome too! :DDD


i know.. my blog has been quite empty here huh? busy bahh. excel is killing my brain. chinese new year is around the corner also.

its time of the year again! ang pau! candies! soft drinks! lols and not forgetting .... house cleaning. LOL.

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