Thursday, June 28, 2012

su-estilo x toteloving

hey hey hey, tried my luck getting this lovely tote bag on su-estilo's anniversary giveaway on facebook!
suprisingly im lucky enough to be one of the 8? i guess 'the secret' really does work eh.
so anyways, was so happy to see the mail van and apparently tore the package apart like a child unwraps christmas presents on boxing day! yes, i was thaaaaaaaat excited.

loving the bow on the tote bag. thank you su-estilo and toteloving!

go and check out their site, | your one stop fashion addiction for nice stuffs.
and toteloving for really cute tote bags.


  1. That is like...overdose of cuteness!

    1. i knowww! the bow right? the bow made it extra cute right?

  2. I love your bag! Does that store sell them or are they a one time thing?

  3. they have other similar designs too!
    you can check it out at