Tuesday, July 31, 2012

hello kuching

flew to kuching with my family last weekend, sadly, yannie couldn't join us cause of MUET examinations.
it's my first time there and i love the cleanliness and safety! pretty much the same as kota kinabalu, though its really quiet during the evening. night time seems less lively as to compare to kk. just a short trip to get out of town! we didn't go anywhere far, just around town walking distance from the hotel.

the supermarket reminds me of the japanese mart back in tanegashima. 

 a sarawak trip won't be a sarawak trip without trying out their kolo mee and wantan. dad was searching high and low for laksa though, but we couldn't find any shops with it that is open, i guess they closed up early. 

riverside view during our night stroll. 

mom having fun in the elevator. missing out 1 more daughter though. 

Mr.D backpackers place, passed through and we couldn't resist to stop by and read up the comments. seems like a really good place! all amazing comments and there were some written on the ceiling as well!

guess what bro found? hahahaha, true-ly sabahan. (:

the only kucing we saw in kuching, the mama cat was sleeping outside the shop. 

mommy and i, right before we head to indian street. 
indian street, there was alot of people there. beautiful weather too!
historical building brother took while waiting for us, the ladies was busy buying batik. 
vibrant and colourful kek lapis! sarawak's famous local kuih. 
bro and i loved the alleys. idk, it just gives out an antique feel to it. 

didn't see any big mall nearby, so the whole weekend was sightseeing and eating. hahahaha.
kuching has alot of cat monuments around too!
kuching = kucing = cat in malay. 

why not eh?

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  1. As an avid cat lover, I really want to go here! Kuching haha such a cute name~