Sunday, August 5, 2012

you have done the nation proud, Datuk Lee Chong Wei.
today, one man united the whole nation to support Malaysia. 
that 79minutes was truly 1Malaysia. 

ran to my uncle's in time for the match, well, yea. didn't have astro anymore. and sat on the floor watching with pillows as my fort. obviously i was too busy for pictures and all the other stuffs. didnt even eat corn properly.  hahaha. was hurling around the floor every score! i think i died so many times during the game i lost count and broke down into tears when i saw his tweet right after the match.

went all twitter craze with corn spamming #thankyouleechongwei and i think ged had the best status on fb ever, ' I'll name my kids Lee Chong Wei regardless of the surname '. Hahahahaha - Ged

dear dato, you have won the gold in the hearts of Malaysian, 
uniting malaysians around the world.
thank you for all the great passion and hard work.
you will always be the malaysian hero!
so, do not feel sorry. 

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