Monday, July 23, 2012

la salle bazaar x charity concert

it's good to be back in school again. i may sound like a total nerd. but nah, was back in school to support the bazaar and charity concert! but i was more excited meeting all my teachers and juniors. oh the great feeling of being remembered. yes, i miss my amazing teachers in la salle. graduating feels like a drag sometimes.

Mrs. Goh sold her collection of plants that day, the most environmental loving, not to mention passionate teacher i've ever met.

yard sell at the interact club booth. random stuffs you find at home and never seems to know why they aren't used.

korean class was postponed that day, so me and cousin got extra time to walk around longer before it started raining. and because i was too caught up with the hellos and the 'how are you's to juniors and teachers, had no time to play with my camera. so, all photos are taken by my awesome cousin. i'm just incharge of cropping and editing the colours. ehehe.  

ian, vicky! water balloons at the interactors. if only my brother was there. couldn't wait for his shift. lol

they even had archeryyy! the classroom's door at the back are epic doors i tell you!
went for the charity concert at night too! with angie and cousin. 
they literally saved the best for the last! was waiting for LSDC to perform so badly. 
no pictures of them dancing though, camera battery died. mom was furious cause i couldnt record my brother's performance. eek.

queeneraa, my ex-schoolmate! one of convent's pride back in my days. hahaha. 

great to be back in school again. 2 more months and i would be in university. 

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  1. Well at least the camera keeps me busy when you are busy chatting and catching up. Or else I will be wayyy toooo awkward :/