Wednesday, July 11, 2012

kdrama llama

i am officially admitting i, myself, is a drama addict. spent like the entire week watching korean dramas non-stop. minus eating, working and bathing, i even cut off sleep/nap time for it. hahahaha. what an outcast i was. pfft. but every episode ends with cliff hangers! that's why. i don't like cliff hangers and watching half way through. so yea, went crazy catching episodes till 1AM.

so what was i watching?
dream high 2, everyone was talking about dream high season 1 when it was on air last year? or was it months, and i could never watch last time cause we don't really have kbs anymore, or even astro to be more specific. so, any form of entertainment would be ze most precious internet.

park seo joon! he's character is so cute! if only he had more screen time. hahaha made my entire week. though i still need to find dream high s1 to watch, i went for dream high 2 first cause.. ugh well, just cause it was the first one to be on loop when i click the site?
and i was too lazy to look for dream high on other sites, and since jjproject and t-ara is there.  

btw, the soundtracks are so love.
we are B & Superstar are my favourite!

i do i do, is highly recommended as well. my mom and i are enjoying the shoes and the storyline.
next stop love rain


  1. Oh... my sis was into 'i do, i do' as well :3

    1. it's a good drama! (: brings out the fashionista in you!
      my mom and i would be like " oh nice watch! nice shoes! nice dress! "

  2. I've been watching Phantom and Golden Time haha

    1. oh! are they nice? mom's been looking out for interesting ones.
      she gets bored easily if it's too lovey dovey and all that.
      i heard BiG is awesome too!