Tuesday, July 10, 2012

little things

loads of candy pictures for todayy, a little thing like a candy, given by a child can make my day.
what more if the entire day showered with candy gifts? eh? ehehehe. 

a little something from little Inista. 

little something i got from accompanying mom to matta fair.

best yummy treats souvenir from philippines. aside from dried mangoes that is.
will be missing alot of these from now though. mom and dad have to reduce sugar intake, which means no more candies and chocolates at home cause dad's really paranoid, diabetic family bloodline and well there's no harm going for a healthier lifestyle.


  1. My dad is paranoid about eating too. I eat junk food all the time anyway =_= (Behind his back)

    1. hahaha. well, i guess same goes here. though it would be harder now since the supplier/dad isn't supplying snacks now. :3